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Can't download the plug in.


I am trying to download the 90 day trail for the OpenManage VMware Integration plugin. I have been through the sign up which sends you to this page: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/555/DriverDetails?driverId=FVYVM I then click on the download link and just get sorry an error has occured. I have phoned Dell tech support and customer support only to be passed from person to person (most who have no clue what this is and keep asking if it is a server or a laptop!!). I was e-mailed back after I sent an e-mail to Dell telling me to phone customer support. Please can someone somewhere please send me a direct link to the file?

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RE: Can't download the plug in.

There is a larger issue affecting these types of large downloads.  Dell IT is working on getting it addressed. I set up this temp dropbox.


Login Name: omivv1272
Password: 225pbgik 


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