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3050, upgrade to 650w PSU?

Hi. I own a dell optiplex 3050 tower and would like to change my current psu to a 650W psu. I have heard that it isnt possible because of my motherboard doesn't support them or something like that. So I just want to know that is there any possible way to put a 650W psu without changing my motherboard.

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Re: Can I replace my psu with a 650W

I believe the problem is that the motherboard uses an 8 pin power plug from the power supply. So any power supply you install will need the adapter from the following link...

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Re: 3050, upgrade to 650w PSU?

Your model is not suitable for upgrading--psu or anything else. You might be able to add a video card that was available for your model as an optional add on if you have the MT version and not the SFF or Micro version. Available from Dell

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