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5060 SFF, 2nd hard drive support

I have 5 Optiplex 5060 SFF with 256GB M.2 drives on order, anyone know if these come with 2.5" drive caddy and if there is an additional SATA header and power wire for 2nd hard drive?

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Mary G
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Re: 5060 SFF, 2nd hard drive support

The service manual and the setup and specs manual will answer most of those questions. 


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Re: 5060 SFF, 2nd hard drive support

Yes.. and for more info a Google search for "optiplex 5060 sff second hard drive" offers 234,000 hits and videos too!

Here is a link for a 'step-by-step' YOUTUBE with your specific model...  

ONE HUGE WARNING!  DO NOT PULL ON THE CD/CD POWER WIRES LIKE HE DID!  That is a major NO-NO!  ALWAYS ~ grab connector bodies to unplug!


( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJQYIjSJ0j0 )

Apparently a spare (ready) power connector is not included in your 5060 SFF?  I dunno... I don't have one... but this guy modifies and solders-in a molex adapter cable he had but had a problem with wire colors/connections...  Thankfully, I had the correct  "Y" power cable-splitter needed in stock!  (I was so thankful that I ordered 5 more)!

One official name is:  SATA Power 15-pin Y-Splitter Cable Adapter Male to Female for HDD Hard Drive

SATA-Y.jpgSample Bay: 131844462954 


Don't forget a short MALE TO MALE SATA Data Cable too!

Official name:  SATA Serial ATA 7 Pin Male to Male HDD Hard Drive Data Cable

(ebay sample:  264071481085)


Anthony !

An SSD and HDD can both be used in an Optiplex 9020. The only thing needed is a Sata power splitter from Dell or you can make one following my video. Thermal adhesive tape: https://amzn.to/2VfKSQR Sata Power Splitter: https://amzn.to/2QVIj8i 128GB SSD: https://amzn.to/2GN7eGi 240GB SSD: ...
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