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Convert from RAID Bios Setting to AHCI Bios setting without breaking windows 10

Actually a Dell Precision T1650 Desktop, but closest match I could find.


Start with an apology, as I don't know where else to post this, or find previous solution.

Reference old posting here, that was closest to my problem, but did not provide a solution:


I just picked up a Dell Precision T1650, Windows 10 Pro, Single Hard Drive machine off eBay.

I want to add a 2nd drive for the user data, but system won't recognize it, (Shows up in Bios, but not in Disk Manager).  (Also shows up in Intel Rapid Storage Technology setup)

Turns out the OS was installed with the BIOS set to RAID.  However, RAID was never set up on this Drive.  When I go into the Intel Rapid Storage Technology setup, it shows both old and new drives, and shows both as Non-RAID Disk.  There is no Raid Volume to delete or reset to non-raid.

However, if I switch the bios to AHCI or ATA the system won't boot.  I tried using my Acronis backup image, to restore after changing the bios from RAID to AHCI, but the OS still failed at bootup.

Can anyone point me to the solution for changing the bios from RAID to AHCI?


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Re: Convert from RAID Bios Setting to AHCI Bios setting without breaking windows 10

Follow the steps in the following link.





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