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Optiplex 980, AC recovery Power On does not work

I have two identical Optiplex 980's. I have gone into the BIOS and under AC Recovery I have enabled "Power On" so that when power is cut to the system, the next time power is turned on, then the Dell will automatically power on.


The goal is that after the user shuts down the computer, they turn off the power strip that the computer is plugged in to. Later when the power strip is turned on again, the PC will immediately begin booting up without needing to press the power button on the PC.

As I mentioned I have 2 Optiplex 980's. I have set them both up identically. The AC Recovery only works on one of them. When I cut the power and then turn on the power strip again, one of the PC's power's back on immediately. The other does not. I have to manually press the power button.

Can anyone tell me what I would need to do to troubleshoot this? Are there other settings I have missed on one of the PCs to make the AC Recovery work? If the CMOS battery is several years old will replacing it help the situation?

Also I have updated both BIOS to the latest A18.


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Re: Power Management AC Recovery "Power On" does n


Hi Jakobud,

Since you have two identical systems, I would start by going through all the BIOS settings and comparing them page by page to see if there are any differences.

If the settings are all the same, the next step would be to start swapping components, one at a time, such as the PSU, memory etc. and see if the issue follows a particular item.

Let us know how you get on.

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