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Optiplex models - Difference between model-series

I think we are all pretty clear on the differences between the different form-factors (like Micro, SFF, and Tower), 

but how are the 30x0 , 50x0, and 70x0 series different from each other?

The third number in 3070, 5070, and 7070 is the "Release version" sorta-like a year-model (higher is newer).

This article should basically carry-over to other release-years. I thought it was good and might help yall shopping new or refurbished Optiplex models.


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The differences are cost and features.


The series always has a very stripped down model.

3XX   3XXX  even in micro has less ram slots and USB ports

Especially USB 3.X ports. 

3010 also does NOT have AHCI mode so adding an SSD is much lower performing than the 7010 9010 versions.

If you have a choice you NEVER want a 320 360 380 390  3010 3020 3040 3050 3060 3070 etc.



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I think the numbering scheme for the OptiPlex Desktop Range and XPS or Latitude Laptop ranges is of the form QSGV (Quality-Screen-Generation-Variant).

Q Quality (3, 5, 7, 9)

Q is essentially the quality of the product and uses 3, 5, 7 and 9. This is very similar to Intel's branding with its processors (i3-Gxxx, i5-Gxxx, i7-Gxxx, and i9-Gxxx) but a Dell Quality 3 does not mean the system has an i3 installed...

S is the Screen (2S " Desktop and 1S " Laptop/Convertibles)

S is the screen size and for most OptiPlex Desktop is 0 as there is no screen. An OptiPlex All in One has a screen however and generally OptiPlex QSGV represents a 2S " screen for example the OptiPlex 7490 has a 24" screen.

On the laptop range screens are typically smaller and XPS QSGV represents a 1S " screen. In the case of the XPS 13 9310 and XPS 15 9510 i.e. 3 is a 13" screen, 4 is a 14" screen and 5 is a 15" screen.

G is the Dell Generation

G is the generation of the OptiPlex or XPS. This is similar to Intel i3-Gxxx, i5-Gxxx and i7-Gxxx but the Dell generation and the Intel generation do not match... The Dell Generation also does match between product lines...

The OptiPlex models series start (4 digit models) with 1 and increment upwards.

The OptiPlex 790 (2nd Gen Intel), 7010 (3rd Gen Intel), 7020 (4th Gen Intel), 7030 (wasn't released), 7040 (6th Gen Intel), 7050 (6th or 7th Gen Intel), 7060 (8th Gen Intel), 7070 (9th Generation Intel), 7080 (10th Gen Intel), 7090 (10th or 11th Gen Intel).

The XPS series (4 digit models) start with a 3 and seem to be looping back round to 2.

XPS 9333 (4th Gen Intel), XPS 9343 (5th Gen Intel), XPS 9350 (6th Gen Intel), XPS 9365 (7th Gen Intel), XPS 9370 (8th Gen Intel), XPS 9380 (8th Gen Intel), XPS 9390 (10th Gen Intel), XPS 9305 (11th Gen Intel), XPS 9310 (11th Gen Intel), XPS 9320 (12th Gen Intel coming soon).

V is the Variant

For most OptiPlex models the variant is 0 as there is only a single variant.

For the XPS laptops there is normally a laptop and a convertible variant. e.g. XPS 13 9360 is a laptop and XPS 13 9365 is a convertible but the XPS 13 9300 is the convertible variant and the XPS 13 9305 is the laptop variant.

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I wonder what the next model will be for the Optiplex. We are currently at 7000, so the next logical number is 7010. But that model number came out in 2012. It seems that Dell came around full circle. Could it be 70100? It seems like the next logical option. However, they went with 7000 after the 7090.


I think Dell will more likely stick with 4-digit model number.

after 3000/5000/7000, possibilities are 3100/7100/9100 followed by 3200/7200/9200.

other possibilities: 3900/5900/7900 followed by 3910/5910/7910, 3920/5920/7920 and so on.  the number 9 or 7 seem to be a favorite because in some culture it suggests paramount.  it has been used in high end Dell optiplex and xps.

but it could also be 3800/5800/7800 because 8 is also popular.  Dell can follow it w 3810/5810/7810.

it is all marketing trick.  




But that wouldn't fly either because the second digit is used for screen size in AIO, and laptop models.


you are correct.  seems Dell has put itself in a numerical conundrum for new model name.  then I think they might bring in the alphabet.  after 7000, it could be X700 for desktop, X710 for AIO etc.

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