Graceful shutdown of ESX hosts and Equallogic SAN using MUMC

I would like to set up the graceful shutdown of all hosts connected to our Dell UPS in the event of a persistent power failure.

We have the following hosts connected to the UPS:

2 x ESX hosts
1x Equallogic storage array
1 x PE R720
1 x PE R210

The R210 has MUMC installed. The VMware environment is of primary importance so I need to shut down the VMs and ESX hosts first and then the storage. The idea is to use the virtualisation plugin in MUMC to shut down the VMs and hosts (I've investigated this before and understand how the shutdown process works). After this has been completed the shutdown plugin within MUMC will be used to execute a PS script that will connect to the storage array and place it in a shutdown state.

We have just under an hour battery runtime on the UPS so I've based the entire shutdown sequence on 55 mins and assigned the master shutdown after values based on the sequence that I what the hosts powered off. I'm I correct in assuming that after the Shutdown duration has been reached the UPS will be switched off?

Here is my proposed timings:

ESX Hosts
Master shutdown after = 20 mins
Master shutdown duration = 35 mins
Remote shutdown of virtual machines enabled

R720 (this can be powered off at any time as it has no dependences)
Master shutdown after = 20 mins
Master shutdown duration = 35 mins

Storage shutdown > using shutdown script section in MUMC on the R210
Shutdown timer = 40 mins
shutdown duration = 15 mins

R210 (last man standing) using node settings selection in MUMC on R210
Master shutdown after = 50 mins
Master shutdown duration = 5 mins

Would someone valid this setup and timings?

I've also got a couple of additional questions:

1) Does the MUMC shutdown function (used to trigger the script to power off EQL) work independently of the shutdown function that is configured in the nodes setting section? If not i need to add a shutdown section into the PS script that will also shut down the local node.

2) When the power is restored to the UPS is there any way to stagger the power restoration on an individual socket basis? I want to the SAN to come online and be ready before the ESX hosts power up. Any suggestions on how to achieve this would be great.



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