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OpenManage Power Center and APC PDU

Dell Community,

I have OpenManage Power Center setup and running and am trying to connect up our various APC equipment to the console.

We have two APC AP8858 PDU's which connect to OMPC via SNMPv3 on our private power management network without issue.

The APC AP8858's each have a slot for a environmental sensor which we have setup. 

The Problem: The OpenManage Power Center is only reading the POWER usage stats from the PDU's. The environmental data (temperature) is not being read from the SNMPv3 connection.

SNMPv3 event traps work fine, so if we have a violation based on the individual PDU settings, OpenManage gets the message. 

I would like to manage the event warning threshold settings globally from the OMPC console and not have to rely on manually configured event traps on each APC device.

How do I get the temp data from the PDU's to be read and recorded in OpenManage Power Center for historical and real time monitoring? 


Donald Babcock

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RE: OpenManage Power Center and APC PDU


Thanks for choosing OpenManage Power Center.

At present OMPC read inlet temperature from server and chassis device only. As you know that the sensors in PDU can come with lengthy cable which can be placed on a convenient location. Then the word "Inlet" will be meaningless. However we will consider your suggestions .



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