PE R610 Best Bios Settings for Vsphere


I'm from Germany with two new PE R610 Servers and looking for a best practice Bios-Guide for my new two R610's.

Quick Spec: r610, 2x E5540, 16GB RAM (8x 2GB Udimm), 2x73GB SAS 15K with Perc6i, 2xdual Broadcom, Quadport Intel VT, MD3000i storage

Especially for the Settings:
- Memory Operating Mode (now set to Advanced ECC by the Service Technical)
- Node Interleaving (now diasabled)
- I/OAT DMA Engine (now diabled)

Maybe someone can also say something according the CPU Power and Performance Management settings. (OS Control, Active PowerManagement or Max Perf.)

Thanks in Advance for any suggestions.

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RE: PE R610 Best Bios Settings for Vsphere


In general, you will need to disable power management for max performance and node interleaving enabled will disable ESX NUMA scheduling which can result in worst performance. Again, these are just general rules of thumb and will vary depending on your needs i.e. power consumption versus performance, workload profiles, etc.
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