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Can't init VD / Error : Start init operation failed!


All my 76G are perfectly working, but I wanted yesterday to create a RAID 0 for a solo 2Tb Hitashi hard drive.

I'm trying doing that on a poweredge 2950ii

Unfortunately, when I try to init it, it goes in error and I have those messages.

Someone knows how to resolve that?

Thanks for your help

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Re: Can't init VD / Error : Start init operation failed!


The first thing I would look at is drive compatibility. Would you clarify the part number for the 2 TB drive and I can check that for you. Also I would consider updating the 2950 on BIOS, Drac/BMC, and specifically the raid controller itself. If the drive itself is indeed compatible, you may want to see if the drive has a firmware update available as well. You can also Private Message me the svc tag for the server as well and I can look into the servers specifics. 

Let me know what you see.

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