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Dell PE 2950 - RAID 5, Can not boot in Win OS


I have a PE 2950 with PERC 6/i inter-grated. Recently it shows State: Degraded and It can not boot into the window OS. It has 6 HDs, Raid 5 (all led in front are blue and flashing, Status: Online, Failure Predicted: No). According to the Hardware logs:

Can you help us on how to restore the system back to normal.

Thank you very much


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Re: Dell PE 2950 - RAID 5, Can not boot in Win OS

According to this, you have been having problems with drives 2 and 4, so those are probably the source of your problem - one or both are bad and have finally failed.  Why was this DSET Report run?  Boot to CTRL-R and confirm that those are the drives currently offline, then run diagnostics (below) on ALL the drives.  Hopefully you have a backup.


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