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Perc H740 Supported Drives

I'm trying to find documentation on supported drives for the Perc H740 controller.

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We do not maintain a compatibility matrix or public part list for the PERC H740. You can find parts for the system on our sales site. Parts available for sale online are not a complete list of available parts. Many parts can only be purchased through a sales rep, and some parts are not available for retail sale. You can only purchase those parts through our spare parts sales, and they are limited based on availability since spare parts sales come from our warranty repair stock.

We only support drives running our firmware.



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I have a H740P with the very latest firmware and having significant issues with Samsung 850 and Samsung 850 Pro SSDs with an R740.

The Samsung SSDs cause the fan to run at full speed (~18K RPM), whereas the Western Digital and SanDisk (much the same) do not.

I've tried Samsung 850 Pro (2TB), Samsung 850 Pro (256GB) and Samsung 850 (256GB) -- I've decided it does not like the Samsung(s), which is a bit of a shame.

The WD and SanDisk are OK. Hopefully, there is firmware update at some time that allows me to use the stack of Samsung drives now sitting on the work bench.

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I've decided it does not like the Samsung(s), which is a bit of a shame

And that is about par for the course, if you look through the forums. People generally have better luck with the Intel pro lineup.

Using retail drives with generic firmware will be very much trial and error as every disk will have its own set of programming, some which will play nicely, others that won't. Remember that even though the "Pro" says "pro", doesn't mean it will work in all professional scenarios. They are still consumer class drives (not enterprise class), so they were never designed to go on an enterprise class RAID controller.

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And that's fair - thanks.

To note: this machine is being used for scale testing (not production) - so that's why we are using non-enterprise SSDs - we want good / reasonable performance for the largest possible size at a reasonable price -- but ok with them being expendable - by the time they wear out, there are likely to be significantly larger units available -- we are likely to churn them frequently. We chose the "Pro" variant of Samsung because for a small $ increment, the TBW was higher and warranty was significantly longer than their non-"Pro" variants.

The trick is finding ones that work with the setup. So far:

  • Samsung [no]
  • Western Digital / SanDisk [yes]

Both have 2TB SSDs -- and Samsung now has a 4TB one.

I'll also try Intel. which are typically smaller sizes though.

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I get the need/desire to use a less expensive SSD. I don't have anything that new or that large, but I have some Intel Pro 500-series and DC 3000-series in some of my servers that have worked fine. I even used a Micron SSD for a temporary project once which worked fine. This is on a mix of H700, H710, and H730 controllers. They will always show as non-certified and their status as non-critical, but no reliability issues (within the scope of their use) or fan or other issues.

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