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Re: how to add a separate disk

I want to ask a question.

Iam using open manage 6 enterprise.

I have Dell PowerEdge Server with Perc7 Raid controller configured to use RAID5.

We have 3 Hot Swappable drives in that array. Each one of them has 500 GBs Space. TOTAL 1000GB

Now i have plugged another hot swap drive of 2TB on the server.

Now i dont want to add this 2TB drive to existing RAID controller. rather i want to mount it separately as native sdb drive. I can see Ready status of new 4th 2TB drive in open manage but i dont know how to mount it as separate regular drive without using already created RAID5.

On linux i can see a sda drive which is offcourse RAID5 drive. and i dont see any sdb drive on the server.

How can i achieve to add this 2TB drive without adding them into existing RAID-5 and mount as /dev/sdb on my Linux machine.


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Re: how to Add new Hard disk to RAID 5 on

Most PERC's do not support non-RAID, so it MUST be configured by the RAID controller into a RAID array before the OS can use it.  The only option you have with a lone disk, is a single-disk RAID 0.  In OMSA, go to Storage, PERC, Information/Configuration (link at top of page), then choose Create/New from the dropdown menu of Available Tasks for the controller.

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