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SMART reporting from PERC6/i



I've got a dell R410 with a PERC6/i in it. Four 2 TB SAS drives in RAID 5 (Seagate Constellation ES ST32000555SS). I noticed some serious latency in Vmware (up to 20,000ms) so I decided to boot into the RAID controller to see if there was anything wrong, when I noticed one of the disks was reporting a SMART error. I ran the quick hardware test from the LifeCycle controller and this disk failed those tests. 

So the question is, how can I actually see these SMART errors without checking the RAID controller? I have and iDRAC6 but it doesn't seem to report anything on storage other then when a SAS cable is unplugged.



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Re: SMART reporting from PERC6/i

Hello @Roger Roger,


I would suggest you to use OpenManage Server Administrator for VMware. How to install OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) on VMware to collect logs



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