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Where to get PERC H710 mini driver for centos?

Hi, May i know that where to get PERC H710 mini driver for centos 5.8 ?

when i try to install elastix which build in on top of CentOS 5.8, it can't find the HDD.

Hope somebody can help me

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Did you configure RAID in CTRL-R BEFORE trying to install?

If so, you might try the generic linux driver:


If not, you MUST ... the PERC does not support non-RAID, so unless you configure disks in a RAID array, the OS cannot find any drives to install to.

If you have configured RAID and the generic linux driver doesn't work, you may need to look at LSI's site for a possible download for CentOS, as CentOS is not officially supported by Dell.  

Which server model are you working with?

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we just bought  7 poweredge r320 and arrived yesterday, typically in unbuntu or centos6.x, it can be detected the HDD. but for centos 5.8, there is no driver for that.

do you know what is the correct proper  model for in LSI website?

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I don't know right off ... it should give you an LSI model during POST when the controller loads or maybe at the top of the screen in CTRL-R.  The PERC's are based on LSI controllers, so it will correlate (more or less) to an LSI model ... I don't know if LSI would support CentOS 5.8 though.

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thanks for your help, there is nothing megaraid words or model on top of the controller there( after pressed CTR+R), pretty frustrated.>.<

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Hi Frog,

The driver for that card is megaraid_sas. This is part of the Linux kernel and the card itself was supported by the driver as early as RHEL 5.7 and 6.1. Ordinary CentOS 5.8 installation media should be ok, but customized CentOS media including derivatives such as Elastix might not incorporate the driver. The Elastix Installation Guide at iweb.dl.sourceforge.net/.../ELASTIX%202%20Installation%20Guide.pdf suggests the possibility of using DKMS for the network driver. It's also possible to use DKMS for a storage driver update but the system must be already installed for this. I don't know if Elastix allows you to use an install-time driver update disk; if not you may need to request the Elastix team build in the driver you need. The other possibility is as theflash1932 was suggesting -- you do need to have created a virtual disk prior to installing. If you have not done this, even with the correct driver there will be nowhere for the OS to install to. You can set this up by pressing Ctrl+R during the H710 option ROM initialization during POST when you see the prompt similar to this one: http://ja.community.dell.com/resized-image.ashx/__size/550x0/__key/communityserver-blogs-components-... . You can create a virtual disk following the instructions on page 55 of the PERC manual: support.dell.com/.../UG_PERC8_en.pdf . Let us know if that helps and how it goes!

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Sorry for late reply.

it doesnt work, however my boss did it personally.

first modify the initrd.......(extract->remove megaraid->add proper megaraid->repack) inside the elastix iso and then repack iso and install.

however it can only install but not booting CentOS, it will show kernel panic. therefore restart into rescue mode(from elastix iso) install the DKMS(dkms- and then install the megaraid(megaraid_sas-v00.00.05.39-1.noarch.rpm).

then finish, it can boot now

however it CentOS also doesnt come with the proper NIC driver for this server. and then install the tg3-3.122o-1.dkms.noarch.rpm can solve all the driver problems.

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I am having a similar issue using CentOS 5 Final (5.8?) standard implementation. My CentOS does not find the Controller/SAS during the installation.

I have ran the drivers through the install as well no luck.

Any pointers to another forum or thread would be appreciated, thanks.

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Did you configure AND initialize RAID in CTRL-R prior to attempting to install?  The PERC does not support non-RAID, so you must configure it before ANY OS can see disks to install to.

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Yes, I did. I attempted both RAID 1 and RAID 0, neither yielded any difference in the CentOS.

Understanding this is an unsupported OS (CentOS), according to Dell, I did however get the RAID/SAS to show under an Ubuntu 11.04s 32bit install. So I am more certain this is a driver issue. Or at least it seems as such.

Any help is greatly welcomed.

Cheers -

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