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Intel Failover issue on M710HD

Hi Please advise if this is the wrong forum.

I have a Dell PowerEdge M710HD server with the Intel ET Quad Port networking adapter.  The server is running Windows 2003 R2 Service Pack2.  This is a x32 bit OS install.

i'm currently running Intel Proset 16.8 for the intel drivers.  The team is configured with two adapters for Adapter Fault Tolerance. 

The issue -

When a network link goes down - the software partially fails over to the other team member.  Partially as in I can still ping the server, but I cannot access RDP or file shares from a client.  To resolve the issue I can do one of two things-

-I can change the team type to another type for instance Adaptive Load Balance and it starts working again.

-I can restart the server.

Things I have tried-

Built another server with the same OS and patch level - installed this server into the same CMC chassis as the problem server, made sure it was connected to the same switches.  This server works fine.

I took the NIC card from the server above and installed it in the problem server.  The issue remains

I broke the team, cleared the Ip addresses and re-created the team - same issue

I broke the team, cleared the IP addresses, reset the TCP/IP stack and re-created the team - same issue.

I have turned off the probe sensors and this did not help. 

Any thoughts? 

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