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T410 OS stuck on loading

I have an old T410 server (10 years+). After a power outage, the OS (Windows 2016 Server) is stuck on the initial loading screen. (See image....)

The server does not indicate any hardware faults. Unfortunately, I have not been able to load an installation disk and attempt a repair, as the installation gets stuck in exactly the same place. This is also means that I am unlikely to be able to trash everything and do a re-install. This is not behaviour that I have seen before on any machine. The server is not used for any mission critical stuff, just running virtual machines for testing software.

I'm posting on the very long shot that someone out there has had the same issue, and that I missing something obvious. The Server has a PERC card and a set of 4 HDD's (non-RAID). Here's hoping....

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RE: T410 OS stuck on loading

I have an old T410 server (10 years+).

The T410 was released in late 2009. It is MAYBE 8 years old.

Disconnect any external devices - everything but the monitor. If it still freezes, strip it down to the minimum config - single memory stick, single processor, remove cards/drives, etc.

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