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Rest API Changes for sloprovisioning in 9.0

I have been enjoying programming against the Unisphere REST API, mostly for capacity reporting. While each update seems to bring some new features to the API, I feel like 9.0 took a small step backward in one aspect. As listed in the Change Log starting on Page 18, the Symmetrix object under SLO Provisioning (URL: … /90/sloprovisioning/symmetrix/{symmetrixId}/) had some attributes changed. While I think the new structure makes more sense logically, the capacity values are now in TB, instead of GB. This loss of granularity is disappointing and the change in units was seemingly made for no reason.

I understand having a default unit, but adding an optional query parameter to get a desired unit (cyl, MB, GB, TB) would have been helpful. Please consider this a request for adding this enhanced functionality in a future release. If this information is available somewhere else in the API and I missed it, please let me know. I guess I'll continue to use the /84 endpoint for now.

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Re: Rest API Changes for sloprovisioning in 9.0


Can you please formalize the request by opening an enhancement request.




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