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Get to know Dell EMC PowerStore

If you are new to PowerStore and want to know more about PowerStore, please visit this link

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To understand the concept better, here is the free course on PowerStore 

• Hardware concepts and technologies used in customer environments, such as compute nodes, servers, network, and basic storage system infrastructures

• Software technologies used in customer environments such as end user applications, databases, operating systems, etc.

• Ethernet and TCP/IP networking (e.g. switch management, VLANs, IP addressing and routing)

• Basic Microsoft Windows user, file, and domain administration

• Basic Unix/Linux user and file management

• Fiber Channel Storage Area Networks (e.g. zoning, WWNs, LUNs, masking)

• Basic backup and recovery terms and techniques

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Thank you @Ooi Hoo Hong for sharing your thoughts on unparalleled flexibility for today's infrastructure.


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