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T7500: Riser (P/N: 0H236F) fan amprage

I just got the T7500 from the computer recycle in town. They even had the riser.

However, the fans and stuff were not attached. The blue plastic (GFF8K) is gone, and the heatsinks were in a pile with other stuff.

I'm going to have to make P/N:GFF8K. i.e. Google images and a 3D Stitcher.

Can anyone tell me the amp of the:

  • CPU fan? I'm guessing 80mm? I can get quite a few amp range.
  • RAM fan? I have 0.6A, 1.1A and 1.8A that look like it's the right fit


Disclaimer: H236F, G082W, Y730D, W567F, and GFF8K are used interchangeably because I can"t find the right parts list anywhere.

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Hi @imWACC0 ,

See if this thread helps, regarding a long discussion about T7500 Heatsink & Fan for CPU and riser with part numbers.

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