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upgrade graphich card - rtx for precision workstation 3630

hi everyone, i would like to know my pc ( workstation 3630) can upgrade new graphich card, such as: rtx 3080 or rtx 3090 .( im using quadro p4000) 

do i need upgrade power supply ? it is possiable to upgrade power supply for  3630? 

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Since there is no overclock, make it simple

CPU wattage+GPU boards wattage+10Wxnumber of HDDs. Ignore ssd.

Multiply the above sum by 1.5, giving some safe overhead. This supposes Dell branded PSU graded by enterprise standards. For consumer PSUs multiply by 1.3.


RTX 3080 320W, RTX 3090 350W in average. Bursts possible, so the above overhead is needed.

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P.S. I mean, for consumer multiply again x1.3, i.e. almost double safe overhead. You would not need more

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The card designed for your system is the Quadro RTX 4000 Turing based card. If you have 365w - 460W psu you do not need to update.


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Dell may select PSU at the time of the order, and it may be weaker than the maximal GPU requirements possible on with the platform. Bu t I agree, in most cases with single nonoverclocked desktop CPU and 1 GPU, any current model, 500W is enough.

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