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Re: 960 All In One Printer Rarely scans

I brought home a brand new Latitude e6500 today. The OS on it should not be damaged, this just came from dell, fresh out of the box.  I tried to install the printer driver and once again I get the message that the printer can't be found.  What is wrong?  Maybe my printer is junk?  I do have low black ink, the exclamation point on the printer is flashing, could that be interfereing in some way?

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Re: 960 All In One Printer Rarely scans



Printer will NOT work with the printer flashing. It's like a fail safe and it will not work until the error(being low ink) is fixed. Same goes for a paper jam. You need to replace the ink cartride before the printer will install.


Your printer used Dell Series 2 ink cartridges. They can be purchased at Staples, Walmart or Dell's Website.  Dell Series 2 ink cartridges have a sensor in tem and cannot be reset. Article on refilling Dell ink Cartridges.





What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



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Re: 960 All In One Printer Rarely scans

Most of the time, when an Windows user has problems such as you describe, the problem is software, usually the Windows System. I have a major brand name all-in-one that installed and runs beautifully on my IBM Thinkpad Win 2000 Pro system & my Linux systems but installing it to my Windows XP Media Center system was a clown show. The problem was entirely with Windows. I get everything to run perfectly. I just get goofy messages as you do. I got rid of the worst of them by running Glary Utilities (a free program you can get from Although the software & drivers loaded and work great, XP doesn't "remember" the printer is installed each time its turned on. I get "new hardware"a series of nonsense messages, and a final "Printer will not run properly" message. I just get rid of the message & error boxes and use the all-in-one. Scanner and all work just fine. I had to manually install all the components as XP refused to do it. 

There is one Windows malfunction that I 'Ctrl Alt Delete' and click "stop" to get rid of. In my opinion, Windows 2000 Pro is the only good operating system Microsofthead ever released and forced on people. There was really no need to move on to XP which is just a highly bloated version of 2000. Clearly, the reason for moving on to Vista was to retain the loyalty of Microsoft Computing Cartel members by pleasing them with a flood of new software and hardware sales forced on consumers by the shift from XP (WIN NT with a lot of bloat on top) to a Win Server 2003 based O/S called Vista.

Always remember that the two major reasons your PC malfunctions are due Windows malfunctions and most of those are caused by the goofy Registry and poor software engineering that causes file fragmentation & nonstop security holes. Keep those under control and your XP experience will be much different. They only utilities that I know of that work properly to keep Windows stable and functioning near properly are both free. Glary Utilities and Auslogics Disk Defrag. Download, install and run these regularly. You will be glad you did. I run Glary each day before I shut down my Win XP PC and I run Auslogics every third day (I copy DVDs. The software puts a heavy load on the hard disk.)

By the way, all of my USB cables are 16 foot long and all 8 of my USB ports are in use and I experience no problems with them. Even my 6 year old IBM notebook with 2 USB ports and two four port hubs runs all 10 ports with 10ft cables no problemo. I also use 27 foot ethernet cables.

Do check your cable it may have deteriated. Get a friend to let you try to run your printer system on their PC. Maybe its defective. 

Right now is an excellent time to get a new major brand all-in-one (HP, Canon, Epson) at a seriously marked down price. Watch your local Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Circuit City fliers & major online sellers,, UnityElectronics, JustDeals, etc. One of them has a brand name all-in-one for $49. 

Major brand name printers are about the same in quality. I buy according to what specs I need and what inkjet cartridges it takes. Lexmark often runs unbelieveable low prices on great printers but it turns out to be a setup to skin you alive with expensive inkjet cartridges. Make sure the printer you buy takes a cartridge that is used in several different printers and has been around a few years. For example the HP No. 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 56, 57, 58 and check eBay, Amazon, & Google for respectible sellers who stock third party makers and refurbishers and for automatic refill systems and ink refill kits. is a huge quality refill kit and replacement ink maker. If they do not have ink and instructions for how to refill your cartridges, you do not want to buy that low priced quality brand name printer. 

Security programs like Norton, McAfee, etc are so big and use up so much of your hardware resources and so poorly engineered that they often interfere with software installations. Its a good practice to shut them down before you install anything. I exit everything in my tiny icon tray before I install any software of any size and spread. All-in-one software and drivers are big by my standards. Huge programs such as Adobe Photoshop, etc you had better shut down as much background (TSR) software as you know how. 

Beginning with XP, you would be amazed at the number of programs that are set to launch and run in the background whenever you boot up.

Another excellent free utility StartUpRun will let you see every program that is launched and runs (which you do not know about) and it lets you very easily stop any of them from turning on (or turn back on in case you find turning ("Disable" & "Enable") it off was a mistake. 

Meanwhile, I would not fret over how long your USB printer cable is. I've never used any cable under 10'. Whew, I cannot imagine using a 6' or 3' short cable! I'm familiar with cable length advice coming from manufacturer and reseller techs who really do not know what is wrong. In real life I've never found any problem caused by a 16' or less USB cable. Do make sure you use a quality cable, which does not mean one of the grossly overpriced store cables. Check justcables for fairly priced, truly high quality cables. 

Of course, all of this is just my humble opinion. Hope, it helps. 















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