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DELL 3120CN Wireless Adapter Part #/s

                                 Hey Ya’ll What’s the Part number for the Wireless Network Adapter for the DELL 3120CN ?

                            So Here is the dilemma I have , ….there is no option here for a replacement DELL Wireless ADAPTER for DELL 3120CN on this websites parts page for a wireless network adapter for this model, I have 2 of these older printers and I find that even my newer printers are not as color vibrant as this old 2008 model Printer.   Sooooo……instead of replacing it I went to my other printers wireless card , removed it and put it into the one that was not working to make sure that it was not a windows 10 driver issue or whatever and exchanged cards and both cards were used and put in by a local firm and of course all of the stickers are taken off , Anyways…. I digress,….the printer worked on the network just fine so I went to the parts and upgrades page for the DELL 3120CN on this website and it only shows a fuser and toner , and no wireless network card. What I’m wondering is … what’s the part number of this wireless Networking card ? Does anyone know ? 

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It was probably never available as a separate part -- and certainly won't be on a printer that's this old.  Try EBay -- you'll likely find someone selling parts (or complete printers).



As always, … you’re assistance is appreciated , the shortest distance between 2 people is communication. Now after reading thru many solution posts , it was available available on the 3120 as an option and many folks have it . So I’m just looking for the actual Part Number

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  • What really burns me into an anger management program here is that DELL knows the answer to this and asked me for my service tag number yet since it’s old , from 2008 they want to charge me a service fee just to tell me the part number of the wireless adapter !! I’m appalled!!! Even tho I plan I purchasing the thing right from them. I mean come on !!…. What’s up with these pirates !!  See below 
  • You’ve received a private message from Dell Community Forum
    Thank you for the information. Our records indicate that your system warranty has expired. You could reach out to our support team at blah blah blah …. Da blah blah 
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