Dell 1235CN - Scanning Over Network to Mac


I've had nothing but trouble with this printer from the word go.  Starting with the constant paper jams leading to sending off the printer to get it fixed, to the imaging drum needing to be replaced far too early as well as having to deal with extremely rude customer service FOR HOURS.

Now, it turns out that after all this time of owning this machine, it has not been able to scan over the network, or to any machine - I'm only capable of copying!  I've tried all the different settings - even the USB option doesn't work as it 'cannot read' the memory cards/USB drives and whatever else!

Now, I've tried to get the blasted machine to scan over the network with ScanThru, but that doesn't do anything!  The drivers which I can download are for PC, despite selecting MAC!

Anyway, despite the rant, here is the problem - is there any way to actually scan documents to my Mac over the network?

And to think I've been recommending Dell all this time... Dell has made a new friend with me now - Toshiba.

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