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Issue with printer installation (Dell V305 all in one) with Windows 8

I recently moved & changed internet service providers. Two days ago I finally got around to plugging in my printer. The first problem I had was it wouldn't connect to my wireless network. Got that fixed the next day by uinstalling & reinstalling the printer using the disc that came with the printer (i bought it in 2009).  Then it wouldn't communicate & print. I kept getting this error message that I needed to download Microsoft.Net Framework Version 2.0 so I tried to do that but no luck. I finally did something with Windows Updates & got the printer to print but the Dell Imaging Toolbox is not working & no matter what I try I can't seem to get it to work. The same error message pops up about the Microsoft.Net Framework issue. The imaging toolbox is what I use to scan photos. The thing is the printer worked fine before I moved with the same Windows 8 operating system I have in my laptop so I don't understand what the problem could be. When I called Dell Support they wanted to charge me$129 for a service call because my laptop doesn't have a software warranty & of course my printer is long out of warranty. Very frustrated & would appreciate any help anyone can offer.     

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RE: Issue with printer installation (Dell V305 all in one) with Windows 8

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The .net framework error is a common error when upgrading the operating system.

First run Delete Print Jobs to remove stuck print job(s) from the queue,then restart your computer.

Make sure the printer is not usb cable connected.

Start, control panel, programs and features, your printer, uninstall.

Restart your computer. Make sure the printer was removed. Manual Printer Driver Removal

On the printer, click on the wrench. Look for reset the wireless adapter to factory settings and reset it.

With the computer online, install the printer with the printer disk, choose new installation and follow the instructions. It should prompt for your network SSID and password.

Remember virus programs and firewalls will block communications.



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