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Re: MS Vista and Installation of Dell A920 Printer and MS Word 2003 Software

I continued the process of installing the MS Office 2003 software and the Dell A920 All-In-One Printer when I returned to my PC. Thanks to fireberd and others who read my original post. Well, I had immediate success this time in loading the MS Office 2003 Suite from my CD. I put the CD into the drive and selected "Computer". Then, clicked on the E: CD-ROM. I did not get an error message when I entered the product key this time. The install was smooth and quick. However, I have struggled with the printer hardware installation. The good news is that I CAN print documents from MS Word (for sure) and probably in other instances. The unfortunate thing is that the Dell-All-In-One Printer Center does not allow me to also scan, copy or fax documents as the printer is designed to do. Of course, the printer worked flawlessly with my previous Dell/MS Windows XP system. I tried to follow the recommendations. I downloaded the "Main" driver for the A920 from dell.com and this enabled me to print. I inserted the CD driver first, unzipped the disc and saved it on the C drive. The installation process went along quickly, but hit a snag. The error messages said: PRINT STATUS WINDOW INTERFACE HAS STOPPED----AIOC. exe has stopped working----MS Windows will search to find a solution to the problem----No solution was found I reiterate that I CAN PRINT, but the other features--Copy, and Scan are not available. I went back to dell.com, downloaded an Application disc and a Patch disc for the printer. I spent a long time unintalling and reinstalling the main driver (R153047 // 36,592 KB), the application disc (a Dell Fax, I believe R153716) and the patch disc (a Utilities Clean Up, I believe R153048). After the CDs were unzipped, it was challenging for me to determine how to locate them in order to make the install. A neighbor showed me how to select "Setup." This seemed to have worked. However, this Dell Vostro 200 with the Vista OS is much different from anything that I have used previously and this may be the problem. I am not positive about the STEPS to use the download, unzip the file, etc. However, fireberd is correct that there are some instructions on the screen that can be followed. Albeit, in my case, it still does not allow me to Scan, and Copy, etc. only Print. All of the other components of the AOI were successfully dowloaded. (i.e., the printer solutions center, test page, status window for the printing process). I read some of the posts regarding other printer installs on Windows 7.  I am starting a new thread to encourage someone to give feedback. Also, I'm not positive how to see my post on the site. However, I have gotten no e-mail prompts that a response has come from anyone.

Thanks for input from the community.



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Re: MS Vista and Installation of Dell A920 Printer and MS Word 2003 Software



I recomment that you disconnect the printer, then run the patch(printer cleanup utility) until you're prompter to restart your computer.


Restart your computer.


Download the correct Vista drivers. If you're not sure of the operating system, start, control panel, system. There it will tell you Vista 32-bit or 64-bit.


Install the proper drivers. You'll get a message the printer is not connected. Connect the printer at this time(powered on) Please use a 6ft or smaller USB Cable. More information and the links for the patch and Vista drivers can be found at...


A920 All-In-One Inkjet Printer owners thread (W7)


Remember, when you first print from Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, etc..., click file print and please make sure the proper printer is selected.


Let me know what happens.





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