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V505 OCR driver?

Hi, I just bought a V505 ink jet.

The CD with drivers was badly centered, and as a result I had to download the drivers from Dell Support.

This appeared to work, but when I try to scan a doc or create a pdf from it, it asks for an "OCR driver"????

Can somebody help me find this driver?


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Re: V505 OCR driver?


The OCR software following my V505 is 'Abbyy FineReader', their website you find here.

But if you can download it from there for free I don't know! Perhaps Dell Support can help?


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Re: V505 OCR driver?



You have a few options. First option is you can request a backup disk by clicking below this post. This would get you a new disk.


other options are...



If you have the printer disk, double click my computer. Go to the drive with the Dellxxx disk and right click on it, left click explore. Go to the OCR folder and double click on it. Go to setup.exe and double click on it. This will install the OCR Program.


Try this FREE OCR Program.





What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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