Dell Hardware Diagnostics

Tried several times to run Dell's software to identify possible problems with my hardware. Software checks CPU and System Memory and all elements pass the test.

When analysing the video card software fails while performing the wireframe line test. Error identified is "The Diagnostics Control attempted to launch an application and the process failed to start.

Video Card is "Radeon x300 SE 128 MB Hyper Memory.


Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Re: Dell Hardware Diagnostics

Hi Frederick Brun,

Please let me know if you are experiencing any problems related to Video. Also run the built in diagnostics .Please see the instructions below for the same.

Turn the computer off >restart the computer , At the Dell logo screen, start tapping the F12 key a few times until you see the ‘One Time Boot Menu’ appear. At the one time boot menu, press the down arrow key to highlight ‘Diagnostic’, and then press Enter to begin the PSA diagnostics. If the test fails, please make a note of any error codes listed. You can also refer to the link below.


Thanks and Regards
Harish M

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