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net framework error and Data Safe Online

I have to say I have never posted to a community forum before, but I was quite upset about the recent conversation with Dell. I've always had good support from Dell, but now I have an XPS laptop, Windows 7, 64 bit. I've only had the laptop a couple weeks and began experiencing the same problem I see here. There was an upate available, but clicking yes didn't seem to do anything. In addition, reiceived a NET framework error. Looking through the details it seemed to be related to Dell Data Safe. Contacted dell by phone, after the second transfer I was told the problem could be fixed but only if I purchased the premium software service--1 year for over $200 or this one fix for $120!!! I couldn't believe it. I said it seemed the problem was the Data safe, installed on the laptop before I purchased it--didn't matter. Anyway, I said it looked like if I uninstalled Data safe the problem would be resolved. She couldn't say that for sure. So, I uninstalled Data Safe--no more errors. I see there may have been a patch for that, but after reading some of the comments about Data Safe, it sounds like I'm better off without it! Not sure I want to order a dell next year when I replace my Dell desktop. Why not just say to go the Support center, check windows 7 issues, and find the patch? THAT would have been customer service.