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"windows was not able to enable this device"-samsung cdrw\dvd sm-348b

It seems I can't enable my cd/dvd drive anymore!This is strange because I was watching a dvd movie only a few hours before this situation occured. Now when I double click "my computer", the icon for the cd/dvd drive isn't even there anymore.Nothing reads in the cd/dvd drive ,cd's or dvd's.

    I get the devce manager up and go to properties for the samsung cdrw\dvd sm-348b, "general" tab.(the location says 0(0) , if that means anything)The device status says "this device is disabled"."Code 22" The device usage  is listed as enabled however. When I click on "Enable Device" it tells me that "windows was not able to enable this device"-

  In the "properties" tab,the cd volume is stuck at Low, the option to enable digital audio for this cd-rom device is greyed out, and when I right click on any tab for the "what's this?" info message, I get a Program error- "WINHELP32.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows- you will need to restart the program, an error log is being created."

  When I opened my cd-burner(Roxio easy cd creator), I got a message that said "easy cd creator engine initialization failed(could not load cdr4)It does open though, as well as my power-dvd and inter actual dvd player but it's not reading any of the cd's or dvd's in the drive.

Oh, my computer is a dell precision 360 by the way, with an ATI fire gl/x1(128mb)graphics card.

Any help getting my cd-rom drive enabled again would be great.I thought I would try here before I break down and call for tech support!

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OK, found the solution after a little bit more looking around.In case anyone else happens to have the same thing happen to them,, here's what I did.

 In the Device Manager I selected my cd/dvd player.I clicked the uninstall icon at the top of the Device Manager.Then with the Add Hardware wizard, I reinstalled it. Pretty simple really.

Found the solution on the windows help page for Display Error codes.

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