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removing trial version Office 2013 (from Inspirion One 2350 ... Windows 8.1)

I still haven't ordered the Inspirion One 2250 here in the Netherlands for several reasons.  One, you cannot talk with a salesperson on the telephone until you've actually purchased a computer.  You can however 'chat' but I tried that and was given an incomplete answer. 

I'd like to hear from someone who has purchased a Dell computer with Windows 8.1 that has the trial version of Office 2013 preinstalled and who has successfully removed it.

I bought a stand alone copy of Office 2013 Professional Plus with the product key.  I have seen _many_ problem regarding this issue in the MS Community and am nervous about not being able successfully remove the trial version and installing the purchased version on DVD.

I've read many posts in the MS Communities forum and would like to hear from someone who has done exactly what I'm planning to do.

Thanks in advance, Dave Horne - The Netherlands

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RE: removing trial version Office 2013 (from Inspirion One 2350 ... Windows 8.1)

Office is rarely installed from retail disk now and no computer comes with a disk for anything--even windows. The shortcut on the computer is to activate your purchased copy, not a trial version. Start it and use the activation key on the card that came with the computer to activate. Office is already installed and the key will make all programs available. 

You can always reinstall Office from the MS Office website. Keep the activation key in a safe place and make extra copies. See this for more info-


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