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Dell 3200MP HDMI remote use?

I have just gotten this old 3200MP from a family friend because they were moving, and the video cable that came in the carry bag is a DVI-I to VGA+USB cable. This works with my older laptop but I would like it to work with my newer laptop as it is alot faster and puts out a better image.

I've done some searching and found that if I have a digital video output being transferred then it is possible to use a DVI-D plug in the DVI-I socket. However on the computer side of the DVI-I cable, there is also the USB plug which I think is for the remote to talk to the computer as the remote acts as a mouse but its only connected to the projector.

Due to this, I am just wondering if the remote will still be able to talk to the computer the same over the HDMI interface or will I require a different cable?

Much appreciated if someone got back to me ASAP

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