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IDSDM module.firmware update on ESXI

Hello all, 

Thanks to help

I need to apply the update below


Please help on how to apply the update on ESXI server

The installation instructions says *Firmware can only be updated through OS via DUP. Update will be unsuccessful if done through iDRAC or LC.*


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Re: IDSDM module.firmware update on ESXI

Hi, You will have to boot to our linux live image and run the update from there.

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Dell EMC Enterprise Support Services
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Re: IDSDM module.firmware update on ESXI

I'll just comment that this reply to use SLI with a link to the BIN image doesn't really help, since SLI doesn't have SUU in it, or a helpful link within SLI to install it from the network.  (Correct me if I'm wrong here, but the SLI UI doesn't really point you in the right direction, and I was done with trying to piece together the various PDF manuals.)

What SLI 3.0 _does_ have is a script in ~root to install "DSU," which can fetch all applicable firmware for you, and it works fairly well.

This is how I finally got the IDSDM firmware installed, along with the Intel NIC and QLogic HBA firmware that is hit-or-miss from within iDRAC.

Now if SLI had a better UI for network configuration than Redhat's "made for a laptop" NetworkManager, that'd be fantastic.  I'm guessing most people with ESXi servers and iDSDM also have separate management VLANs, and NetworkManager has no way to configure this.

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