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PowerEdge R440 Hangs on Reboot of Windows Updates

We have two PowerEdge R440 servers with Windows 2019 Server Std installed (domain controllers).  Both have an issue hanging at "Restarting" with the spinning wheel after a windows update.  Now the only time we reboot them is when there is a windows update so it may or may not be related.  Need to do a hard shutdown to get out of it.  Doesn't happen every time but probably north of 75% of the time.

The more intriguing part is that we had the same problem on our previous DC's which were R430's with 2012 R2 (replaced a few months ago).

We have several other R430's that it happens on less frequently.

This all started about 8-10 months ago.

A) Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

B) Would setting up iDRAC allow me to cycle the server remotely while it is in that "Restarting" state?

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Hello bshort1023,


It would be good to test when no updates are applied. Can you do a normal restart without updates being applied and check behavior?


Does the System event log in the DRAC or LifeCycle Controller log show any issues?


Try booting to F10 LCC and run the build in diagnostics to test the hardware and check results.


Also check that firmware is up to date from the support page here : https://dell.to/3QHMnmZ



You can issue a shutdown from the DRAC.

On the iDRAC main page under Dashboard there is a [Graceful Shutdown] button.

Other options are available also:

Power off system


Reset system

Power cycle system



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I am leery of rebooting when I don’t have to (although troubleshooting might need to be considered “have to”).  It knocks users out of certain programs.  I can’t do it nights/weekend because if it doesn’t reboot I have to drive an hour into the office to restart it manually.


It looks like everything I need to check based on your suggestions are with the system down.  We do not have iDRAC setup on the server which I think I would like to do.


I do not see any indication of any issues in the Server Administrator Logs.


Firmware was all up to date on the previous DC’s and we were having the issue.  Firmware was updated on the current DC’s when we went live with them 6 months.





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