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Do you use Distributed Consistency Groups in your RecoverPoint Configuration?

The Distributed CG functionality was added in version 3.3 and allows you to span a CG amongst multiple RecoverPoint appliances.   This enables you to exceed the throughput and IOPS limitations of just a single appliance and not be forced to use "Group Sets" and split up different luns into different CG's to obtain the required throughput.  You can have up to 8 Distributed CG's in a single RecoverPoint cluster and a total of 128 total CG's.  It is important to note that you must have at least a 20GB journal at each site in order to enable DCG's.  Keep in mind that all appliances must be zoned to one another to enable this functionality and that you shouldn't put all of your DCG's on the same primary RPA.  By varying which RPA is the primary you will spread out the load and make your environment more efficient.  Please respond with any questions or experiences you may have on DCG's and we can keep the discussion going so everyone can benefit!

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