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License conversion

Hi team! Our customer has faced a trouble during license install. Initially he installed Unity array and requested temporary license for activating data replication to VNX array. Unity had Remote replication suit. Customer got temporary SE license for the VNX and since that RP system had been working ok. Sales guys sold him SE to EX upgrade license for VNX system when the temporary SE license had expired. Right now customer experiences difficulties with installation the license because SE and EX license cannot coexist in the same RP system.  What would be the best way to move back the system in production state? Is it possible to convert EX license to SE for VNX system?

I'll will be very appreciate for any kind of support!


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Re: License conversion

Hello vardua,

Here is a link to a KB that maybe of assistance.

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Re: License conversion


They'll need to convert to classic using Deployment Manager. More on this in the Mid-range Array refresh with RecoverPoint WP:




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