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RP4VM installation multiple ESXi cluster

Hi All,

We're planning to protect VM's spread across 3 different ESXi Cluster managed with 1xVcenter at 1 site to remote site. Could I deploy 2xRP4VM app in One of the ESXi cluster and protect VM's from different ESXi clusters at one site? or do i need to deploy 2xRP4VM app in each of the ESXI cluster where VM to be protected resides?

Appreciate your help.



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Re: RP4VM installation multiple ESXi cluster

Hi Samir, Yes, a vRPA cluster can replicate VMs from multiple ESX clusters. This and other scale-related limitations are listed in the Scale and Performance Guide. Hope that helps, Idan
Idan Kentor
Product Engineer - RecoverPoint and RecoverPoint for VMs
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