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VNX Total Protection Treasure Hunt Clue #2

VNX Total Protection

Treasure Hunt Clue #2

Actions to do:

1.  Follow RecoverPoint on Twitter

2.  Start a discussion on the RecoverPoint ECN site and tell us which feature or features you like best and how they help your business

3.  Follow the RecoverPoint ECN site for Clue #3  with instructions how to tweet the code phrase below

Code phrase is:   @EMCRecoverPoint #read this

Remember, you must follow all actions & clues to be eligible to win.

Note:  Only 1 prize per person.   In order to claim your prize, you must respond to EMC’s notification within 48 hours, or risk will forfeiting to the next eligible participant.  EMC employees are not eligible for the VNX Total Protection Treasure Hunt.

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