Correct Process to Decrypt a laptop with Dell DDPE

What is the correct process to decrypt a laptop with Dell DDPE Enterprise software?

I have admin access to the Dell Data Protection console?



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RE: Correct Process to Decrypt a laptop with Dell DDPE

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The uninstall process is detailed in the below PDF starting on page 51.

topics-cdn.dell.com/.../dell-data-protection-encryption_administrator guide7_en-us.pdf

A high level process overview is below

  • Run the DDP|E installation file again.
  • Proceed through the steps until you reach a screen asking if you want to download the decryption keys from the server.
  • Choose the option to download keys from the server and enter your DDS Console admin credentials.
    • NOTE: You will specifically need the "Forensic Admin" rights granted to you in the DDS Console.
  • Once keys are successfully downloaded you can click next through the remaining install screens.
  • You will be prompted to reboot.
  • Once Windows comes back up DDP|E will be removed and a new decryption service will be registered to decrypt your hard drive.
  • Once decryption has finished and the computer is rebooted DDP|E will be completly removed.

Hope this helps, if you need further assistance please let us know.

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Best Regards,

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Re: Correct Process to Decrypt a laptop with Dell DDPE

This was an issue for me over a long period. try this link


Follow the steps and instruction.

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Re: Correct Process to Decrypt a laptop with Dell DDPE

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