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DDP and Firefox

How can I use the Dell password manager in Firefox?

the manual says:
"running Password Manager on Firefox, you must install and register the Password Manager extension"

Can't find the extension/add though..

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RE: DDP and Firefox

Hi Ronald K

The current version of firefox has re-written how add-ins are handled with their new "Quantum" engine that has been implemented in version 57 of Firefox.

Dell Data Security is no longer updating the Dell Password Manager due to some of these changes that browsers are making that would cause us to prevent users from potentially applying security patches to their browsers so they could store passwords. The final version of Firefox that was supported was firefox 52, which was supported with Dell Encryption 8.15. Dell Encryption 8.16 and later will no longer offer a password manager solution.

Let me know if you are leveraging an older version of Firefox and are still having issues, we can definitely look to see why the add-ons in Dell Encryption 8.15 may not be loading for you.

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