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Entity MIB in SMARTS


Has anyone added the entity MIB data to a IP manager in SMARTS and if so could they share there experience.



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Re: Entity MIB in SMARTS

Hi Savuka,

In Smarts the MIB data is implemented in the device certification and code based on the supported Vendore MIB's for the device. I observe that the latest IP version suite supports the Cisco Entity MIB as the OldCisco Chassis MIB has been deprecated.

Considering an example of a Cisco router which supports the Cisco Entity MIB, the certification is as below

# Cisco C7603
. {
    TYPE = Router
    VENDOR = Cisco
    MODEL = 7603-S
    CONT = Cisco-Entity
    NEIGHBOR = Cisco-Cdp
    HEALTH = Cisco-Router

    Environment                                = CiscoEnvMon:DeviceID
    CPU/Memory                                = CiscoRouter:DeviceID
    Card-Fault                                 = CiscoEntityFRU
    Interface-Fault                            = MIB2
    Interface-Performance                = CiscoRouter
    Interface-Ethernet-Performance = CiscoRouter_Ethernet

Here you can notice that the CONT = Cisco-Entity and Card-Fault = CiscoEntityFRU, that means Smarts will poll for the Cisco Entity MIB with this certification for populating the proper values.

So If you need Smarts to poll the  Entity MIB , mainly two things need to be assured. One is that the Vendor need to have the support for Entity MIB for that particular device (or in otherwords the device need to have the IOS which supports the Entity MIB) and second thing is that the device need to be certified in Smarts IP supporting the Entity MIB(kindly refer the Knowledge base article emc208647 for latest certification Matrix). If the device is currently not certified you need to submit a certification request ( raise an SR for certifying the device) as mentioned in the Knowledge base article emc110117 .

Hope this clarified your query.

Have a Good Day


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