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After a Full Discovery these license alerts are shown:




Recently changed the lic file due to expiration. The lic file contains - (all the features are uncounted):

FEATURE AP_AP_CNT sm_lmgrd92 9.0 31-dec-2015 uncounted CFCAFEBE5355 \

FEATURE AP_WIFI sm_lmgrd92 9.0 31-dec-2015 uncounted 90D594BF04E4 \

FEATURE AP_CTL_CNT sm_lmgrd92 9.0 31-dec-2015 uncounted 590AF69191B6 \

Why are there no WLC Licenses checked out at all?

Total WirelessController Licenses CheckedOut: 0

Total WirelessController in Topology: 0

Remaining Blocks of WirelessController Licenses in License Server: 0

Additionally the OutOfLicense alerts are preventing from starting discovery via cronjob/dmctl!

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Re: OutOfWctlLicense

Did you receive a new temporary or permanent license?

Can you please verify that there are no licenses other than the new license file that may be cached in the system.  It is possible for a left over trial or expired license to be loaded in by the domain even though the file is pointing to the new license server or to a license file in a different location.

The flexlm software always caches the location of each successful license load and it always searches those locations first.  So if your system is now configured to use a new license server or file but the previous locations are still serving licenses, the domain will check out old license as its location will be saved in flexlm configuration.  It order to make sure that this does not happen you need to clear Flexlm cache.

On Unix server the cache is written into ".flexlmrc" file.  By default the file is located under "/" on Solaris and HP and "/root" on Linux.

Remove the file from the system. A new one will be created on the next domain start up and it will be updated with the new license server or file location

On Windows cached values are saved in SM_LMGRD92_LICENSE_FILE registry key.  On 32 bit servers the key is under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->FLEXlm License Manager. On 64 bit servers the key is in the location about and is  also written into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Wow3264Node->FLEXlm License Manager

Clear the current key value when changing license configuration.  It will be updated with new license info on the next domain statup.

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