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Adding values to a report (Datastores>Virtual Machines) in SRM 3.0

2014-02-24 12_46_56-EMC Watch4Net - Edit Mode - datastore to virtualmachine.pngHi,

I'm trying to use SRM 3.0 to track down a busy VMFS datastore and subsequent VM.

I've drilled into the datastore>>Virtual Machines and when I try to add a value using the Refine > using a wizard... I don't get any hints while I'm typing in the filter box.  For example, I can see an existing value in the report named 'Disk Read/s' which has a filter of

Name is ReadThroughput and parttype is Virtual Disk.

When I use the above Refine > using a wizard... I can't even mimic the 'Name is ReadThroughput' , nothing shows up in the suggestions.

All>>Report Library>>VMware vCenter>>Inventory>>Datastores>>Datastores>>DataStoreName>>Virtual Machines

Any thoughts on this?

Is there a object model reference or some similar doc out there?


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Re: Adding values to a report (Datastores>Virtual Machines) in SRM 3.0


This is likely tied to the known issues with the vCenter SolutionPack.  I am seeing the same issue you are describing, but I haven't dug into the database to see if it is missing data or a bad report definition.  We have run into some problems with changed metric names in this release.

If you don't get an answer before I have a chance to research it, I'll share my findings with you.



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