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UIM to adding storage into existing service manager

Dear Expert, i have an question here regarding the service manager storage. If i want to adding another 1TB storage capacity into the existing service manager, i just choose on the service manager --> storage and key in the capacity i want. then done and provisioning it? please correct me if i'm wrong. Do i need to manually add in the Lun from my VNX? 2nd question which is In future, if i want to remove the 1TB capacity from the service manager, i just select the service manager and edit and remove the storage capacity? and provisioning it again. please correct me if i'm wrong. Does it affect my current VBlock configuration? Thank for the help.

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Re: UIM to adding storage into existing service manager


In order to add Storage to existing Service Manager, if it is the first NFS volume then we need to configure few parameters like setting up the NFS vlan, updating the MTU to 9000, setting up the NFS ip pool etc before the file storage can be added and provisioned.

If the file storage is already provisione in the service, you can go ahead and add the new file storage and just provision. Luns will be automatically assigned after the provisioning. Manual configuration is not required.

For Block storage -> just add the storage and provision

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