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What does vms in problem actually mean?

On the "VMware vCenter / Virtual Datacenters Summary" report what is used to determine if a vm is "in problem"?

There seems to be quite a few "vms in problem" in multiple VDC's but I'm unable to work out what is wrong, which specific ones are "in problem" or why they are reporting this way. These numbers do not seem to have changed in quite some time either even though the report shows that it is only reporting for the last "1 day".

Any ideas on what this column actually refers to would be helpful.

Thanks in advance


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Re: What does vms in problem actually mean?

Hi MrJason.

If you go to your report, bring that up in edit mode and go to:

All>>VMware vCenter>><<TEMPLATES>>>><<VM>>>>Virtual Machines>>VM Device Summary

This will give you  the formula. Looks like it is giving you

Filter: "parttype=='Processor' & name=='CurrentUtilization'"

So it appears to be searching for that processor and the utilization of it.

I hope this helps. If you think this is reporting incorrectly, please feel free to open a service request and if you can provide us with a screenshot of the vm correctly on the vcenter side, we can certainly look into that. You can even have the sr assigned to me and I can further look into it.

I am also inserting an image of where to find the formula in the gui:


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