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3168 stuck "unable to detect any disks that can be utilized.."

I'm reinstalling Windows 10 on my Dell Inspiron 11 model 3168.

My earlier attempt at downloading a full windows 10 image failed (stuck at Windows Setup "Getting files ready for installation (1%)'


So, I'm attempting (via Dell OS Recovery Tool) the Windows 10 "automated by SupportAssistant" path. 

The Inspiron boots , runs the Scan just fine, and allows me to try to reset.

Note that "Restore to Factory Settings" isnt available (because I had wiped the SSD earlier?)

After choosing Reset and Update (no back, confirm yes), I'm blocked with the message "unable to detect any disks that can be utilized for a cloud restore"


The SSD was recently wiped, and the only partition comes from the prior Windows Setup attempt.  I don't care if it gets wiped, but I don't see a way for SupportAssist to take charge of the disk formatting.

Any ideas from anyone?   Thanks in advance.

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