Should I replace Dell Support Center with SupportAssist or keep both?

I have Dell Support Center (pre-installed on my Inspiron laptop), but I understand SupportAssist is the more modern product. I tried to look up whether I should uninstall it first and then get SupportAssist, but couldn't find any answer on the Web in general or here in Dell Community. I called Dell Tech support and spoke with a tech who says I should keep the old Support Center AND get the new SupportAssist - and leave them BOTH on my computer. However, I later found information that Support Center is no longer supported. So, now I wonder what I should do. The tech thought there might be some items in the older product that were customized for my older laptop and that the newer product might not have, but he didn't sound too sure. What should I do?

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Re: Should I replace Dell Support Center with SupportAssist or keep both?

Support Assist is not free and does not retroactively apply to systems back into the Stone age. Bronze Age systems are also not supported.



 Premium Support Plus, is a paid subscription service.


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