Support Assist noreply@dell.com

I got an email from Support Assist at noreply@dell.com regarding one of my servers.

Could someone explain to me if this is a normal thing to get automated attempts from supportassit on a server?

And if it's normal to also get email alerts form it? Thanks!



We attempted to add devices today. However, the following errors occurred. SupportAssist must be able to communicate with these devices in order to provide the greatest value. Please resolve the issues below to complete the device add process.


SupportAssist Host : 


Service Tag : 

[omitted service tag]

Added by

Service Tag


Single Device / Discovery Rule


SNMP not configured; New version of OMSA available


For more information visit the troubleshooting resources section of the Community Forums

Thank you,

SupportAssist Team

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Re: Support Assist noreply@dell.com

I received the same email. It sure isn't very helpful. I can see it tells me I need to upgrade OMSA. Did that. Now what? 

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Re: Support Assist noreply@dell.com

Yup, I got the same email too. "Cryptic" does not even begin to explain it. Dell, please explain to us what you want us to do. If I go into the server and open up the SupportAssist app and check communication, etc. to Dell servers, no error message results whatsoever.
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