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Hey Everyone,

I have attached some information below.  I am new to Storage and the setup between the Client Host, VIOS Server, and the SAN.  We have been having performance issues and will see disk latency and performance slow down.  I sort of stumbled upon using the EMC provides scripts that support Fibre Channel disk arrays.  I am under the impression this would promote better access to their storage.  It seems like we have EMC ODM definitions yet the LUNs still show up as MPIO Other not sure if that can cause the performance issues.  Looks like no one installed the ODM filesets.  I am still learning so please feel to correct me where I am wrong or ask for more information if needed.  Thanks in advance for everyone's help!



:# lslpp -L EMC.Symm*
Fileset Level State Type Description (Uninstaller)
lslpp: 0504-132 Fileset EMC.Symm* not installed.

$ lsdev -Cc adapter
ent0 Available Virtual I/O Ethernet Adapter (l-lan)
fcs0 Available C5-T1 Virtual Fibre Channel Client Adapter
fcs1 Available C6-T1 Virtual Fibre Channel Client Adapter
pkcs11 Available ACF/PKCS#11 Device
vsa0 Available LPAR Virtual Serial Adapter

hctunx860:# lsdev -Cc disk
hdisk0 Available C5-T1-01 MPIO Other FC SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk1 Available C5-T1-01 MPIO Other FC SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk2 Available C5-T1-01 MPIO Other FC SCSI Disk Drive

Did we do something wrong here or should we implement the EMC define Fibre Channels?

I also see that we did not set up and values for Striping the disk on the Application Lpar?  What is the impact of not having it for disk parallelism and should it be redone?

:# lsattr -E -l udbprodlv
copies 1 Number of physical partitions for each logical partition True
inter x Policy for allocation over multiple physical volumes True
intra m Policy for allocation on physical volume True
label /udb/prod Information label True
lvserial_id ****************************** Volume group identifier . minor number False
relocatable y Reorganization relocation policy True
size 900 Number of logical partitions in logical volume True
strictness y Copies allocation policy True
stripe_size Stripe Size True -------NO Value Assigned
stripe_width Striping Width True  -------NO Value Assigned
type jfs2 Type description True
upperbound 1024 Number of physical volumes to allocate across True


Should Below Be TRUE?

$ lsattr -El fscsi0 | grep attach
attach switch How this adapter is CONNECTED False
$ lsattr -El fscsi1 | grep attach
attach switch How this adapter is CONNECTED False


I think our settings for the Disk are way off please see below:

max_transfer  0x80000 

queue_depth   8  

max_coalesce  0x40000  





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