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MIB file for EMC DMX3


We have an requirement to integrate EMC DMX3 to BEM. We planned to do it from SNMP Traps. We got the MIB File from Client. That MIB file is FCMGMT-MIB. This MIB file contains the SNMP Enterprise of [This is one of the Enterprise].

We asked the Storage team to send some of the traps to SNMP Server, so that we can check for the slot values. When they configured their device to send the Traps to BEM, we got the SNMP Enterprise as So, I believe the traps which are coming are different from the MIB file which are being shared.

I think is for Microsoft Namespace. I am not sure though. For that I got another MIB file by the name MSFT-MIB. But this contains only the string and nothing else. No details of SNMP Traps. Can you please share the correct MIB file which has the SNMP trap details as well?

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